Dealing with Symptoms

After a brain injury, most patients start experiencing varied brain injury symptoms. This is known as the brain activity disruption phase. This disruption phase is like a rocky road of symptoms, full of distortions and lack of clarity. With each case being different, you can expect to have varied episodes of this disruption phase, in length and intensity. In this section of the webspace, we list and discuss common symptoms and ways to help mitigate, including our own experiences. Here are articles covering the most common symptoms:

Cognitive Fatigue

Memory Dysfunction

Varied Vision Effects


Sensory & Processing

Vertigo & Disequilibrium

Dizziness & Headaches

Anxiousness & Anxiety

Attention & Focus

Impulsive & Disinhibition

Balance & Reaction

Verbal & Written Link

Brain Function Shift

Clouded Judgement