All the Tool You Need

In this section of the webspace, we open our toolbox and share important tools and resources that have been helpful throughout the years. It may overwhelming or not even possible to use all these tools at the same time, but it is important to try and add them one at-a-time, they will help speed recovery.

Join effective support groups

Proper hydration & nutrition to advance healing

Participate in adaptive sports to boost recovery

Discovering art & music for therapy

Discovering nature for healing

Maintaining a social calendar

Looking ahead, our pursuit to help brain injury survivors and their caregivers is relentless. We are currently developing modern tools for brain injury survivors and caregivers stay engaged, informed, active, and effective in their healing journey.

Prevent social isolation with our Virtual Reality Loop (coming 2024)

Advance healing with our Neurorehab bootcamp (coming 2024)

Stay engaged through our informative PodCast (coming 2024)

Sarah’s social isolation project

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Please note that while we share our experience and knowledge, are not medical doctors nor can we give a medical advice. So, it is important that you follow up with your physician, neurologist, therapist, and complete your treatment plan.