Adaptive-Challenge Approach

What is the Adaptive-Challenge approach? It is a way to help us deal with difficult problems that have no direct path to resolution. This approach is all about gathering the best knowledge available, in order to learn and understand what we are dealing with. Search past experiences and practices, in order to get ideas for the best way forward. Then, use this knowledge and those past experiences to make small strides towards the best outcome. That is truly the best that you can do. Over the years, we have learned that when life throws difficult challenges our way, ones that do not have a straightforward solution, this approach helps our decision making. Another good thing about the Adaptive-Challenge Approach is that it helps reduce anxiety and worries about our decisions simply by knowing that we are taking the best approach and making the best possible decisions.

Improving the trajectory

The brain injury mentor is all about helping CFBI survivors to find the best way to deal with symptoms during the brain disruption phase, and maintain physical and social activities during brain repair and recovery. In this webspace, we will walk you through what we have learned over the years using our combined experiences so you can have a head start in your own fight. We will also explain how we confronted tough symptoms that had no clear treatment, without knowing which way to go. In the end, it is all about improving trajectory during the healing and recovery journey.