Brain Activity Disruption Phase

What is the Disruption Phase? After a brain injury, most patients start experiencing varied brain injury symptoms. This is known as the brain activity disruption phase. This disruption phase is like a rocky road of symptoms, full of distortions and lack of clarity. With each case being different, you can expect CFBI patients to have varied episodes of this disruption phase, in length and intensity.

The reason

Outside obvious brain scans that show specific brain issues, no one knows clearly why or when brain injury patients experience these symptoms, or how long they will last. Those symptoms are likely the result of possible brain damage, chemical, hormonal, biological changes in the brain, or the ongoing process of brain repair, rewiring, and establishing new pathways. But again, no one really knows for certain, because the brain is so complex and our knowledge is limited. One thing is certain, this is the most vulnerable time for CFBI patients, as they have no experience navigating through these challenges and struggles.

How to move forward

Whether we think of the disruption phase period as the result of brain damage, brain repair, or brain recovery, it is important to maintain some semblance of normalcy during this time, for this could last months or years, with varied peaks and valleys, which is hard for CFBI and their caregiver. Over the years, our experiences lead us to try and maintain an environment that is safe, simple, pleasant, healthy, and productive. Basically, while we try to cover brain injury symptoms, personal challenges and some mitigations in this web space, we also try to cover ways to keep some semblance of normalcy, productivity, and ways to keep moving forward during the brain disruption phase.